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Docs Portal

The aim of this project was to provide a single source of truth for building brand websites using the CCX platform.

3 key audiences were identified – Designers, Developers and Content Editors. A user-centric approach led the docs portal development. 

Docusaurus was evaluated and test driven as as a potential docs solution. An easy to use react static site generator, It was open source and looked quite straightforward to implement. Docusaurus worked well within a docs-as-code approach. Content was written in Markdown files, viewed on a local build then submitted as PRs for review and approval by the Engineering team lead. 

The website taxonomy and navigation was tailored to support the 3 key audience personas and identified user journeys. (This required editing javascript files and modifying css). 

The landing page provided a ‘What is CCX’ link for setting the context, introducing CCX introduction and providing whilst the ‘Design’, ‘Develop’ and ‘Content’ pathways aligned to key tasks for those user groups.

Graphics were created when this aided understanding using Inkscape and Draw.IO. Otherwise existing graphics and links to existing YouTube videos were used to improve usability and appeal to different styles of absorbing content.

Key Outcomes:

Quick and efficient on-boarding for new designers, developers and content editors allowed all Brand websites to be completed within a tight timeframe. 

Greater satisfaction and fewer support requests.


  • CLIENT: Beamly (Coty)
  • DATE RELEASED: June 2019
  • CATEGORIES: Docs Portal
  • TAGS: Developer Experience, Web development, Docs Portal
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